The Westwood Trust AllCap Growth strategy:

  • Invests in approximately 45-65 domestic companies with sustainable, above-average growth in sales and earnings, and a variety of market capitalizations.
  • Relies on thorough, in-depth fundamental research of a company, its competitors, suppliers, and customers.
  • Considers market leadership, unique products or processes, strong marketing capability, above-average financial returns and accounting practices when evaluating companies.

Portfolio risk is controlled on an absolute basis by investing in quality companies, sector/industry diversification, and maximum position limits.

Disciplined Approach

Eligibility List:

  • Securities are selected by research and portfolio teams based on long-term growth potential, financial performance, and management quality

Buy/Sell Research Agenda:

  • New portfolio candidates are selected by portfolio team based on fundamental trends, strengths, or valuation opportunities

Growth Portfolio:

  • Portfolio is selected for quality, peer group leadership, fundamental performance, and timeliness

Investment Team

Westwood Trust’s AllCap Growth strategy is sub-advised by William Blair Investment Management, LLC, Chicago, IL.

The strategy is managed by:

  • David Fording, CFA, Partner
  • John Jostrand, CFA, Partner