The Westwood Concentrated LargeCap Value strategy:

  • Is actively managed utilizing a fundamental, bottom-up security selection process.
  • Invests in approximately 15-30 companies that reflect the highest conviction large-cap research ideas from our research team.
  • Identifies high quality companies with prospects for future profitability that are significantly stronger than what is reflected in the current stock price.
  • Seeks companies with ample free cash flow, attractive returns, and low debt.
  • Looks to generate long-term outperformance by allowing market-weighted position sizes of up to 12.5%, and sector weightings of up to 35%.

Investment Team

Westwood believes that team management creates a sense of ownership, accountability and consistency in the investment process. Our Concentrated LargeCap Value team is supported by a fundamental research team where analysts have cross capitalization responsibilities in specific sectors.

Within our process, Research Analysts generate investment ideas, while the Portfolio Team is responsible for portfolio construction. Each of our Research Analysts is also on a Portfolio Team, which leads to a very collaborative environment where we fully utilize the expertise of all investment team members.

Portfolio Team

Lisa Dong, CFA

Portfolio Manager/Research Analyst

Mark R. Freeman, CFA

Chief Investment Officer

Scott D. Lawson, CFA

Portfolio Manager/Research Analyst

Matthew R. Lockridge

Portfolio Manager/Research Analyst

Varun V. Singh, PhD, CFA

Portfolio Manager/Research Analyst