The Emerging Markets Equity strategy:

  • Is actively managed, utilizing a bottom-up security selection process.
  • Invests in 70-90 companies with attractive valuations.
  • Seeks long-term capital appreciation through investments in common stocks of companies that are located, or have primary operations, in emerging markets economies with market capitalizations greater than USD $500 million.
  • Emphasizes Economic Value Added (EVA) in its process.
  • Identifies mispriced businesses that can generate positive and sustainable earnings growth.
  • Controls risk at every stage of the investment process, from detailed comprehensive company research to conservative valuation assumptions, and adheres to strict individual company and country exposure parameters within a well-diversified portfolio.

Investment Team

The portfolio is managed by Patricia Perez-Coutts, CFA who is supported by a team of sector analysts.

Portfolio Team

Patricia Perez-Coutts, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Thomas Pinto Basto, CFA

Portfolio Manager - Global Equities

Alice Popescu, CFA, CMT, DMS

Portfolio Manager - Emerging Markets SMidCap

Richard Dolhun, CFA

Research Analyst

Martin Pradier, CFA

Research Analyst

Max El-Sokkary, CFA

Research Analyst

Robert Silgardo, CFA

Research Analyst

Karen Ko, CFA

Research Analyst

Aman Budhwar, CFA

Research Analyst