The Westwood Trust Enhanced Balanced® strategy:

  • Utilizes a core model portfolio designed to grow and protect client capital over the long term
  • Is customized to each client’s unique investment objectives and constraints
  • Offers access to multiple asset classes within the broad investment groupings of equity, fixed income and specialty
  • Provides a diversified range of investment disciplines to focus on long-term asset appreciation or generation of current income

Risk Management

To develop our asset allocation platform and adjust it over time, we use historical return, volatility and asset class correlations of capital markets, as well as a proprietary forward-looking methodology called Capital Market Risk Assessment. Westwood Trust’s proprietary methodology gives us a framework for how key economic and capital market factors will likely impact the risk/reward dynamics of recommended asset allocations over the coming 6 to 18 months. This helps ensure that our recommendations will continue to serve our clients optimally as markets change over time.

Investment Oversight

Westwood Trust offers several layers of oversight within the Enhanced Balanced®  strategy:

  • Westwood Trust Wealth Management Team – Daily monitoring of investor portfolios
  • Westwood Trust Asset Allocation Committee – Oversight of asset allocation recommendations
  • Westwood Trust Investment Committee – Selection and oversight of investment managers
  • NEPC – Institutional investment consulting firm providing industry research, manager due diligence  and asset allocation assistance