The Westwood Trust High Yield Bond strategy:

  • Drives returns through the compounding of income and the preservation of capital.
  • Invests across the full maturity and ratings spectrum of the U.S. non-investment grade debt market.
  • Is proactively positioned to manage macro- and micro-risks at the portfolio level.

Disciplined Approach

Fundamental Analysis:

  • Fundamental screen to identify potential investments
  • Focus on issuer operating potential and financial flexibility

Technical Analysis:

  • Security technical characteristics
  • Market perceptions and risks

Relative Value:

  • Judgmentally based risk categories
  • Sector/industry pools, rating pools and custom risk pools

Portfolio Construction:

  • Optimized to balance risk and return
  • Daily performance attribution

Investment Team

Westwood Trust’s High Yield Bond strategy is sub-advised by SKY Harbor Capital Management, LLC, Greenwich, CT.

The strategy is managed by:

  • Hannah H. Strasser, CFA, Managing Director
  • Anne C. Yobage, CFA, Director
  • Thomas P. Kelleher, Director