The Westwood MLP Infrastructure Renewal strategy:

  • Invests in 25-35 securities with market capitalizations between $100 million and $100 billion.
  • Utilizes proprietary fundamental research to identify financially sound companies that offer undervalued assets with growing distributions from cash flow and limited volatility.
  • Is a well-diversified portfolio across various MLP market sub-sectors, which includes exposure to income producing securities with MLP-like characteristics.
    • Holistic investment process employing expertise of analysts covering related industries.
  • Imbeds independent risk management in the process.
  • Focuses on Mid-LargeCap capitalization.

Investment Team

Westwood believes that team management creates a sense of ownership, accountability and consistency in the investment process. Our MLP Infrastructure Renewal team is supported by a fundamental research team that has cross capitalization responsibilities in specific sectors.

Within our process, Research Analysts generate investment ideas, while the Portfolio Team is responsible for portfolio construction. Each of our Research Analysts is also on a Portfolio Team, which leads to a very collaborative environment where we fully utilize the expertise of all investment team members. 

Portfolio Team

Todd L. Williams, CFA

Portfolio Manager/Research Analyst

Hollis P. Ghobrial, CFA

Portfolio Manager/Research Analyst

Matthew Na, CFA

Portfolio Manager/Research Analyst