Welcome to Westwood

At Westwood, our investment management teams follow time-tested investment disciplines and put our clients first. This is how we’ve weathered some of the most challenging markets in history.

Susan M. Byrne founded Westwood in 1983 out of a fierce personal commitment to give investors a trustworthy investment solution. To this day, every one of us carries on her commitment to protect our clients’ capital. This singular approach has earned the trust of institutionalprivate wealth, and mutual fund investors.

  • Pure focus. Our investment teams are focused on the conservative, investment management philosophies that have helped our clients succeed over multiple market cycles.
  • Solid foundation. We are a public company with a strong balance sheet, ample cash on hand, and employee shareholders who enjoy coming to work every day.
  • Powerful performance. We generate competitive results for our clients and have done so for over 30 years.

Whether you manage personal investments or are responsible for a pension, trust, or other pool of assets, you will discover that Westwood is a truly different kind of investment company: one that puts you first.

Come and see for yourself

A visit to one of the Westwood offices is perhaps the best way to see how deeply we value talent, commitment and heart. You’ll see corridors lined with photos of our employees’ world travels, pictures of family and friends in the lounge, and tributes to service and commitment that honor the long tenures of our team members and the many ways they serve the community. We welcome you as a guest, so please contact us for a visit today.