Institutional Sales and Consultant Relations

Martin Coughlan, CFA, CAIA

Senior Vice President, Global Head of Institutional Sales

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Monica M. Cornwall

Vice President, Sales and Marketing Advocate

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Jacqueline L. Finley, CFA

Senior Vice President, Institutional Sales and Client Service

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Daniel House

Global Institutional Sales Associate

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Kenneth R. Nostro

Vice President, Institutional Sales and Client Service

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Ciaran Spillane

Vice President, Direct Institutional Sales

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Institutional Client Service

Kellie R. Stark, CFA

Executive Vice President

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Joan M. Bonn

Marketing and Client Service Coordinator

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Kim M. Calhoun, QPA

Senior Vice President, Institutional Client Service

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Amy M. Lester

Senior Client Advocate

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Tricia E. Lynn, CFA

Vice President, Institutional Client Service

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Marcie Russmann

Vice President, Manager, Internal Client Service

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Brandi L. Tapp

Associate Vice President, Client Advocate

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Stephanie M. Vance

Client and Business Development Associate

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Rolanda L. Williams

Associate Vice President, Senior Client Advocate

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David S. Spika, CFA

Senior Vice President, Senior Portfolio Specialist

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Jamie Christensen

Vice President, Marketing and Communications Manager

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