We Aim to Improve Client Investment Outcomes and Protect Your Capital

We aim to improve your investment outcomes and protect your capital in challenging markets through diversified, customized investment solutions. Working together with you, we can develop investment strategies that benefit you and those you care about the most.

Asset Allocation Solutions

Customized strategic and tactical balanced portfolios focused on achieving specific client outcomes

Tax-Managed Portfolios

Personalized portfolio solutions focused on real-time tax management, with an aim to enhance returns on an after-tax basis

Single Strategy Solutions

Separately managed accounts designed to suit individual needs, spanning across a variety of investment strategies, including stocks, bonds and liquid alternatives

Investment Policy Guidelines

Advice and guidance to assist in establishing investment policy guidelines in line with industry best practices

Capital Market Insights

Actionable perspectives and capital market insights from across our firm, providing insight on market trends and potential risks

Let’s Start a Conversation.

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Westwood Wealth Management is a division of Westwood Holdings Group that offers trust and fiduciary services through Westwood Trust, a Texas-chartered trust company, and investment advisory services through Westwood Advisors, LLC, including the WealthCoach digital platform.