Community involvement is the cornerstone of our culture which drives employee engagement and makes employees proud to work at Westwood. Every year we give to local and national nonprofits and support client and employees in their volunteer efforts. For example, our Dallas team has helped build 14 houses for Habitat for Humanity.

Congratulations to our spotlight employee for 3Q20, Ashton! She is a dedicated member of the Westwood Wealth Management team and serves as a Client Advocate. We are lucky to have you! Read her spotlight interview here. 

Every citizen of the United States is entitled to the same basic freedoms and equal protection under the law, regardless of color, that those before us fought so long and hard to create and protect. In the wake of horrific scenes of the most recent social injustices and ensuing violence, our hearts go out to all Americans who feel suppressed, abused or left behind, as highlighted by the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery and countless others.


We support peaceful protests that enact change and serve as a catalyst for constructive conversations leading to a better future for our country, putting an end to senseless killings and building a safer, stronger and more equitable society that supports every American. With our foundation in diversity, Westwood is committed to listening to others, seeking to understand diverse points of view and supporting the path to true equality in our nation. We believe that together, we can find a better way.

Although every day may feel similar to the previous, our employees are continuing to help our communities. This week, Girl Scout Cookies were donated to hospitals and teachers, masks were sewn and cards were crafted to lift each other’s spirits.

During times of crises, helping our community is essential. Our employees are getting involved by donating to food pantries and homeless shelters, writing letters to nursing homes and providing emotional support to neighbors and those struggling with depression. We hope you’re finding ways to make the most of the current circumstances.