Working at Westwood

Westwood’s unique culture is built on employee ownership which ensures that, over time, every employee becomes a stockholder. As of March 2021, employees and board members own approximately 19% of our firm. This structure aligns the interests of our employees, clients, and stockholders and helps promote a team mindset across our firm.

We value our employees and strive to create a workplace that helps them succeed. New mobile technology, cloud computing, Microsoft Teams, and new collaboration rooms such as the Idea Lab are examples of how we foster teamwork at Westwood.

Employee engagement is vital to our success. In order to give employees a platform to voice feedback, we solicit input from every employee in our company on the top goals for our firm, which is then solidified by senior executives and our board of directors. An internal scorecard is used to track progress against our goals, providing greater transparency and accountability in our goal setting.

Community involvement, a cornerstone of our culture, drives engagement and makes employees proud to work at Westwood.

Available Positions

Associate Vice President, Total Rewards Manager


Responsible for the design and management of the company’s compensation and benefits programs.  Assist with the development and implementation of the performance management platform. This position will work closely with internal and external vendors to facilitate and implement policies and practices in support of the company’s business plans.


Marketing Associate - Content & Communications


Responsible for planning, developing, managing, and implementing marketing communication deliverables across a breadth of deliverables including digital and traditional means.