Income Alternatives for Resilient Portfolios

We believe alternative approaches to income investing can provide diversified sources of risk and return and potentially reduce volatility.

Return Source

Absolute return-oriented and yield-focused strategies investing in securities not typically found in traditional fixed income portfolios


Strategies that can deliver income and capital appreciation potential regardless of the direction of the market.

Portfolio Diversification

Potentially reduce volatility with investment strategies that show lower correlation over a full market cycle.

A Market-Neutral Strategy for Risk-Averse Investors

We believe a market-neutral approach utilizing convertible arbitrage and opportunistic fixed income can potentially serve as a complement to bond allocations. Our framework consists of three primary sources of return that aim to neutralize systematic risk.

Consistently High Income from Non-Traditional Sources

A strategy that invests in senior securities and high-income equities primarily issued by real estate investment companies. The managers focus on REIT preferred securities, but can diversify among preferred stocks, common stocks and bonds to seek income and total return.


Investment Teams

The team supporting the Alternative Income strategy includes two portfolio managers and a half-dozen analysts, taking a bottom-up approach to credit analysis combined with a top-down macro-overview to navigate challenging market environments.

Investment Professionals
Alternative Income
Based in Dallas, Texas
Real Estate Income
Based in San Francisco, California
*as of 03/31/18

Alternative Income

Chris Hartman
Vice President, Portfolio Manager
Adrian Helfert
Chief Investment Officer, Alternative & Multi-Asset Investments

Real Estate Income & Global Real Estate

John Palmer
Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager
William Metzler, CFA®, CAIA
Investment Analyst

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