We Are Tactical, Multi-Asset Investors


We implement a market neutral approach combining three complementary strategies to generate returns that are independent of the market while neutralizing systematic risk. Our multi-strategy portfolio consists of a shorter-dated yield-oriented portfolio, a convertible arbitrage strategy and macro hedging portfolio. Low correlation and low risk are consistent with our approach.


Income investors require a greater degree of flexibility to invest across bond sectors, equity income securities and hybrids in order to find opportunities throughout changing market conditions. We apply a tactical approach, aligning bottom-up fundamental security selection with top-down asset allocation views to generate income and manage downside risks.


Global investors building “differentiated” core portfolios require a flexible multi-asset approach that is diversified across asset classes, sectors and securities to navigate the market for opportunities. We apply a tactical approach, aligning bottom-up fundamental security selection with global top-down asset allocation views to achieve client outcomes.

Investment Approach

Aligning Security Selection with Top-Down Macro Views

We apply both bottom-up and top-down considerations as part of our process utilizing both fundamental and quantitative tools to evaluate macro, micro and technical conditions across a wide range of asset classes.


Our continuum of multi-asset solutions maintains defined strategic allocations, a high degree of emphasis on being tactical and a discipline geared toward downside risk management.

Strategic Allocation

Tactical Allocation

Downside Risk Management


Our Team

Our Multi-Asset Team is supported by industry analysts and research groups that are involved throughout the portfolio management process. We take a unique approach to multi-asset investing by following a fundamental bottom-up process to invest in high-quality income-producing securities with undervalued earnings potential. By combining our core U.S. Value investment principles with a multi-asset approach, we have the flexibility to navigate challenging market environments using various asset classes, including cash to limit absolute downside risk.

Investment Professionals
Based in Dallas
*as of 03/31/18

Multi-Asset Team

Adrian Helfert
Senior Vice President, Chief Investment Officer, Multi-Asset
Scott Barnard, CFA
Vice President, Portfolio Manager
Chris Hartman
Vice President, Portfolio Manager
Hussein Adatia
Vice President, Research Analyst & Portfolio Manager
Payton DeLong
Quantitative Analyst
Ben Chittenden, CFA
Vice President, Research Analyst

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