Customized Solutions For Your Investment Goals

We believe creating customized investment solutions through consultation and active design results in portfolios that align with our clients’ unique goals, beliefs and objectives.

  • Active Design
    Design, construct and implement index methodologies in consultation with clients
  • Rules-Based
    Systematic approach to achieving client objectives, targeting intended exposure
  • Transparent
    End-to-end transparency across methodology, construction and implementation
  • Outcome Oriented
    Create custom portfolio solutions based on specific client goals, beliefs and objectives
  • Adaptive
    Implementation and construction that evolves with changing client beliefs and objectives
  • Independent
    Freedom to choose tools and data sources that are best-placed to help clients achieve their outcomes

Consultative and Customized Investment Solutions

We build solutions designed for a diverse range of institutional, intermediary and wealth clients

Direct Indexing

Custom index solutions that target specific goals or outcomes

ESG Tilts

Methodologies designed to identify and improve ESG characteristics to meet client goals


Solutions for clients with specific tax needs or loss-harvesting goals

Factor Tilts

Tilt towards compensated risk factors while controlling other uncompensated risks

Thematic Solutions

Design methodologies that target specific macro, micro or outcome-oriented themes

Index Plus

Value created from index inefficiencies and supply/demand imbalances, utilizing a limited risk budget


Our Team

The Managed Investment Solutions team averages more than 25 years in investment management and has worked together for more than a decade building customized solutions based on consultative relations with institutional and intermediary clients.

Investment Professionals
Based in Chicago, Illinois
*as of 03/31/18

Team Members

Gregory Behar
Senior Vice President, Head of Managed Investment Solutions
Drew Miyawaki
Senior Vice President, Director of Managed Investment Solutions
Shaun Murphy
Senior Vice President, Director of Managed Investment Solutions
Michael Kovacs
Senior Solutions Portfolio Manager