Analytical Approach to Counter Human Bias

We believe that using data to systematically identify companies with the strongest fundamental and technical attributes, combined with risk-managed portfolio construction, can eliminate behavioral biases and produce consistent outperformance in all market environments.


Leverage data to identify attributes of growth, quality and momentum that have historically led to outperformance.


Assess and apply quantitative and fundamental screens to identify portfolio candidates to avoid human behavioral biases.


Manage risk with sector aware portfolio construction and portfolio input and oversight from fundamental analysts and corporate risk management.


Our Team

The Systematic Equity team is part of the Multi-Asset team, led by Adrian Helfert. The Multi-Asset team consists of industry analysts, and research specialists with a focus on quantitative investment and analytical research. The group is supported by the U.S. Value team, which assists with fundamental research and company- and sector-level insights, to manage risk and provide additional data points to help navigate challenging market environments.

Investment Professionals
Based in Dallas
*as of 03/31/18

Systematic Equity Team

Adrian Helfert
Senior Vice President, Chief Investment Officer, Multi-Asset
Scott Barnard, CFA
Vice President, Portfolio Manager
Chris Hartman
Vice President, Portfolio Manager
Hussein Adatia
Vice President, Research Analyst & Portfolio Manager
Payton DeLong
Quantitative Analyst
Ben Chittenden, CFA
Vice President, Research Analyst

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